The Holy Theotokos
"The Icon of Perfection"





The Holy Virgin, although a mere mortal, is the perfect icon of the Invisible God. Because Christ comprises her wholeness, she is considered the "Icon of Perfection." Her human perfection was achieved through her Faith because she believed, kept and accepted the Word of God. Her faith was actualized and fulfilled through a life of contemplative prayer. Finally, she was a perfect disciple of Christ for she bore her cross at the Crucifixion.

Therefore, she is not the great exception but a great example of human perfection. St. Ambrose of Milan wrote: "St. Mary's life is a rule for all." She became an icon of the renewed Church for she is the icon of Christ. She has set the standard for all personally to yield their lives over completely to Christ.

The basis for such boundless magnification of the Mother of God is not merely her service for the salvation of mankind or her becoming the Mother of God in the flesh, but rather her moral perfection and inner worthiness. By the Grace of God, she gained the highest degree of holiness attainable by humanity.

In her honor, one of the Church Fathers composed this hymn: "Enthroned as Lord, your Son has placed you, O Virgin, at His right hand, for you are arrayed in the gold-embroidered raiment of the holy virtues; and He gives you the honor that is due unto you, O immaculate one." In this icon, the Virgin bonds with Christ, her Son, that we also might bond with Him.



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