The Nativity




One of the hymns composed for this feast chants: "Today, the Virgin comes to give birth to the Transcendent One and the earth offers a cave to the Unapproachable One! Angels with shepherds, glorify Him!The Magi journey with the star! Since for our sake the Pre-Eternal God was born as a little Child."

In this icon, the rays light shining down from heaven onto the Child indicate the Trinitarian participation in this event. The angels, in their amazement at this Mystert, give glory to God on earth as well as in heaven. The virgin is resting upon a red bedding, the color of royalty. The shepherds represent the Jewish people while the Magi, the Gentiles.
Joseph sits apart, assuring us that he is not the biological father of the Child.

Christ is born ! . . . Glorify Him ! . . . .



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